Casual Fit Button-Down Shirt made of linen


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The summally light Fynch-Hatton Men's shirt is awarded by the linen texture characteristic off-duty appeal. In addition, it is not only very comfortable, but thanks to the short sleeves also very airy and proves to be an ideal choice for warmer and bustling days due to its lousy cut. The short sleeves, the button-down collar and the chest pocket with logo stitching complete this skilfully.


  • Casual-fit
  • Softs premium linen
  • Button-down collar
  • Short sleeves
  • Breast pocket with logo stitching
  • Uniform
  • button tape

 SizeChart Casual Fit shirts

The specified dimensions correspond to the finished dimension of the shirt. Please do not miss the dimensions on your own body, but on the favorite part from your wardrobe. The dimensions are measured on the top of the product and just without warping or stretching the substance.

1. Collar size: Scope of the collar at the collar approach
2. Shoulder width: Measure is measured by the shoulder to shoulder
3. Chest: Dimension is measured at the back area from armpit to armpit and doubled
4. Waist: Dimension is measured at the back area at the narrowest point and doubled
5. Length: Dimension is measured, from the highest point of the shoulder to the hem


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