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High on the acacia crowns of the Kenyan steppe, the impressive animal herds of the Serengeti in view - a view, for which Denys Finch Hatton rises as often as possible in his "Gipsy Moth" double decker. But before the British Aristocrat should become a well-known bush pilot, Finch Hatton stands before a far-reaching decision: Try to regain a lost fortune in England or deny new ways - in the unknown African wilderness?

Denys Finch Hatton

A trip to South Africa

Karen Blixen

Beyond Africa in Cape Town


Why Fynch-Hatton?

Flooring, freedom and easy to do

Slow, but steadily Fynch-Hatton starts to establish itself. And the assortment of products also grows the Fynch-Hatton team, which has made a success from Roger Brand's idea: the unmistakable fashion brand with the umbrella awareness as a logo, the typical tree of African savannah. Together they work towards a goal: the adventure lust and the Spirit Denys Finch Hatton to meet. According to Brandts motto, the assortment has increased steadily for 20 years - from knit products to the totally look, so everything man needs to be well-dressed. And not only the products, from shirts to pants to shoes, more varied, but also the locations of the Fynch Hatton Shops. In around 55 countries and in the online shop, man can buy clothes from Fynch-Hatton these days and at a fair price, which in the future, the Fynch-Hatton team has set itself the goal of their customers stylish, high quality and every life situation to offer suitable fashion. The ultimate goal: remain flexible and honest and as Denys Finch Hatton do not be afraid of adventures.

"Freedom, independence and self-determination" that is the spirit associated with our fashion. We do not want to change or influence any missionary or personality. It's just an honest brand, a relaxed brand. "
Roger Brandts

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