Fynch-Hatton donates 10,000 respiratory protective masks

The Mönchengladbacher FashionLabel could get 10,000 certified respiratory protective masks in Asia, which are now to be distributed to old-age homes, nursing services and medical practices. But also needy citizens can contact them.

Mönchengladbach | It is the good contacts to Asia, which Roger Brandts now enable a special solidarity action. The managing partner of the Gladbacher Modelabel Fynch-Hatton has been able to get 10,000 certified respiratory protective masks, which he now wants to distribute nursing homes, old homes, nursing services and medical practices and needy citizens. The cost of this is the company.

The special delivery has already arrived in Mönchengladbach. "This is extremely complicated in the current situation. But thanks to our contacts, we could quickly put a few levers in motion, "says Brandts. "As a Gladbacher citizen and entrepreneurs, I am strongly rooted here and would like to help in my hometown. We donate the protective masks where they are most urged, "he adds.

In order to get this fast and efficient, Fynch-Hatton has organized a delivery at the newly built logistics location on the Krefelder Straße. Facilities for nursing services, old homes and medical practices, but also needy citizens can contact them by mail to the company:wir-helfen@fynch-hatton.de.

In addition, Brand's are planning the distribution with internist Ulrike van Bömmel and Gastroenterologist Arno Theeilmeier. The two Gladbach doctors support the relief action. "The supply of masks is very tense, we welcome this initiative," says Van Bömmel. Especially in the medical practices, masks that are so urgently needed to protect the practical staff and the patient, "adds to the part.

Brandt has also contacted the Office for Altenhilfe and whose head Stephan Küppers already passed 1000 masks. "There you know best where the older citizens of our city need the help most," he says. Now the breath of protective masks should also be delivered unbureaucratically and quickly from employees of the company.