Greetings for Father's Day

On 26.05.2022 we celebrate all fathers and that in the spirit of the 
Sustainability with a small upcycling DIY!
Give your old favorite shirts a second chance and watch
how your children carry them on with joy.
By the way, you create space in the closet for our new exciting styles.

From men's shirt to children's dress

You need:
Discarded shirt, child's well-fitting T-shirt, scissors, chalk, yarn & sewing machine 

Place the shirt neatly and buttoned together in front of you and shape the seams. Take a well-fitting T-shirt of the child to be sewn and fold it together in the middle lengthwise. You place the middle fold of the T-shirt on the middle of the shirt – usually this is the button placket of the shirt. The shoulder seam of the T-shirt must be on the shoulder seam or folded edge of the shirt.

You start by drawing the outline at about the hip height of the T-shirt. From there, mark the outline of the T-shirt on the men's shirt with a distance of 2.5 – 3.0 cm.

In the next step, you draw a diagonal line (A-line) from the hip height to the lower edge of the shirt. 

Now cut the first page. Fold the shirt in the middle to cut the second side as well. The template is the already cropped page.

Most of the work is done! 

Turn the dress to the left, clean the edges, sew the edges of the sleeves and then close the two side seams. Ready!

Tip: for inelastic shirts, the dress must be cut about 2.5 – 3.0 cm wider than the T-shirt is wide for more freedom of movement.