Water for the people in Kenya!

With a five-digit donation, we assume, as a "partner for africa", a new project at Kajiado County near Nairobi in Kenya: We will reactivate or renovate two existing wells and thus the rural population is the urgently needed access to drinking water Allow again.

So we can ensure the local drinking water and sanitary care sustainably, which is equally available and permanently available to all users. This will help you make the lives of many families easier. If you want to know more about these exciting projects at heart, look at our website, on Facebook or Instagram.

Photo: World hunger help

We from Fynch-Hatton want to ensure that water flows again in Kenya! Therefore, we would like to support world hunger help with further donations so you can renew and expand two water points.

Nearly 5,000 people and their animals will have access to clean drinking water again. Connected to the project is also a school that can be supplied with water - another good reason for this project.

All information is available here!

You want to help too?
Then you have here directly the possibility to support this project with a donation at the desired height.

Thank you for your interest.