Fynch-Hatton Makes This Whistleblowing System Available to You


Fynch-Hatton Textilhandelsgesellschaft mbH

Alsstr. 166
41063 Moenchengladbach

To ensure that our organization Behavior Ethical and in Accordance with the law, we have set up an internal reporting office in the form of this whistleblower system. This Serves to Clarify and Prevent Violations

All Employees as well as our Business Partners (Suppliers, Customers, etc.) Have the opportunity to Report Violations of Laws, The Code of Conduct and Guidelines here - Even Completely Anonymously.

On this secure whistleblower page, you can submit a new tip or log into existing tips to view our feedback or resume communication.

The following are importing instructions on how to use our whistleblower system:

  • All Employees as well as our business partners (Customers and Suppliers) are entitled to Submit Reports (Tips)
  • Of course, you can ie Submit your reports anonymously, i.e. Without any details that would Allow Conclusions to be drawn about you. However, The Clarification of An Infringement May Be More Effective IF You Provide Your Contact Details. As a matter of principles, your identity will not be disclosed to person than more than the respective whistleblower, his or her team and any competent departments and agencies that may need to be involved with your Express Consent (Exceptions May Apply in the case of Official investigations or court proceedings).
  • ONLY the whistleblower and his or her team will be informed of your tip in the first step and will accompany the Further Essential Steps of the Clarification. Unauthorized Employees have no access to your tip. All information from your tip will be treated strictly confidential.
  • When you submit a tip, you can view the processing status of your tip in your login area. Via this login area, the tip processor and his team so have the possibility to contact you confidential in case of queries. In addition, you have the possibility to provide Further Information at any time. You will receives the Necessary Login Data After Subinting Your Tip. Thesis Access Data (User Name and Password) are generated automatically. Please remember thesis access data. This login area is of course so Available to you if you Submit your tip anonymously. In this case, your anonymity wants to preserve.
  • The Whistleblower System is used to receiver tips on violations of law, the code of conduct and the guidelines. For General Complaints or Questions About Our Products Or The Product Warranty, Please Contact Us at our General Contact Address.
  • Please only references if you are certain that the facts communicated are true. Knowingly Untruthful Assertions or Untrue Facts are to be refrained from, as the whistleblower May Thereby Be Lible to Prosecution Under Certain Circumstances. In Case of Doubt, Label your hint as an assumptions or statement by a third party.
  • On receipt of your tip, you will receives a confirmation of receipt in your login area. You will be receive feedback from the whistleblower or his team Within a Maximum of Three Months After Receipt of the Tip About The Follow-up Measures Planned Or Already Taken and The Reasons Follow Follow-up Measures (E.G. Internal Investigations Or Enquiries). Provided you have entered your email address, you will be informed of any current processing status by email in your login area.


Please so note our data protection information on the whistleblower system.